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SINGAPORE, 28 June, 19-member delegation from UOB Singapore (FDI - Foreign Direct Investment Advisory) and their clients will be in Kuching from 28/6/22 to 30/6/22, to explore areas of investment opportunities.

STATOS team started talks with UOB in 2021 and both parties see synergies particularly in promoting investments for Sarawak. Sarawak is in the perfect situation to compliment and work together with Singapore in many areas.

“We want UOB (FDI) and their clients to understand why Sarawak can be their next investment destination. The opportunities are huge if we look around us and acknowledge what is happening to the global supply chain. Sarawak is endowed with valuable renewable energy, a potential hydrogen hub for the region, rich forestry, abundant land and cheap electricity. Foreign direct investments have been steadily coming into Sarawak especially in the last 2 years”, commented by Kenny Lau, Manager of Financial, Corporate Affairs, Trade & Investment of STATOS.

The delegation’s visit will include visits to factories both in the Sama Jaya and Demak Laut industrial parks and our tourism investment sites.

The delegates from Singapore will also be attending a joint briefing, organised by the EPU Sarawak, on renewable energy, hydrogen, carbon credits, Sarawak digital economy, smart city, agriculture and tourism. Among the UOB clients in town are Continental Hope, Hitachi, Delta Electronics Int’ (Singapore); and China Mobile International.


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The Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (STATOS) is an exciting initiative of the Sarawak State Government to strengthen and develop new trade, investment and tourism linkages between Singapore, Sarawak and the world. Started operation in June 2019, STATOS provides advisory services to traders, inclusive of importers from Singapore and exporters from Sarawak, investors and tourism players who wish to take advantage of Singapore’s unique position as a regional economic gateway, and Sarawak’s diverse range of resources. For more information on how to engage in new business opportunities, log on to www.statos.com.sg

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Kenny Lau; Manager – Finance, Corporate Affairs, Trade & Investment
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