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best holiday places in malaysia
10 Best Holiday Destinations & Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

If you’re on the lookout for the best Malaysia tourist destinations, you’ve come to the right place! This all-in-one guide for the perfect holiday destination that blends diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and unforgettable experiences.

singapore malaysia travel
Your All-In-One Singapore to Malaysia Travel Guide, Tips & Tricks

Are you ready for an exciting journey from the vibrant streets of Singapore to the cultural richness of Malaysia?
Well, fasten your seatbelts because we’ve got your all-in-one Singapore to Malaysia travel guide right here!
In this blog post, we’ll explore the top destinations in Malaysia and provide you with insider tips and tricks to make your trip unforgettable.

Best food in malaysia
Explore the Best Food in Malaysia — Embark On A Culinary Journey

If you’re reading this, you’re in for a treat, quite literally. Today, we’re going to embark on a delicious journey through the heart of Malaysia, exploring the best food Malaysia has to offer. From street-side delights to time-honored traditional dishes, Malaysia’s culinary scene is a treasure trove of flavours waiting to be discovered.

Best places to visit in Malaysia
15 Best Interesting Places Tourists Should Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia, with its rich tapestry of culture and natural beauty, offers a treasure trove of experiences for travelers.

From lush rainforests to bustling cities, Malaysia has it all. In this blog post, we’re going to take you on a virtual tour of the 15 best and most interesting places to visit in Malaysia. So, fasten your seatbelts, and let’s explore the beauty of Malaysia!

Weekend getaway from singapore
Where to Visit for Your Next Weekend Getaway From Singapore

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Singapore and embark on a rejuvenating weekend getaway, you’re in for a treat.

Malaysia tourism places
Must-Go Malaysia Tourism Places: The Ultimate Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the most captivating Malaysia tourism places, ensuring that your visit is filled with unforgettable experiences.

How to play in Sibu? 诗巫攻略|本地人带你体验小众玩法


Sarawak New Pineapple Export Trial Underway

Sarawak’s MD2 pineapples are prized for their sweet, juicy, and fragrant flesh, which is low in acidity and has an appealing golden colour.

Miri, Malaysia Tour Places
10 Best Night Market in Sarawak 砂拉越最好吃的夜市

Local style BBQ foods, different from Singapore style BBQ. 这里有更多风味的各种烧烤和烤串、叁巴烤鱼、竹筒饭、半个月亮、甜点等等。配上夜市里五花八门的特色饮料。

Seafood Restaurant in Miri
4 Best Fresh Water Wild Fishes in Sarawak 砂拉越淡水鱼四大天王

Extremely creamy fatty texture and unique flavour from Engkabang fruits, as known as “butter from the forest”.

4 Most High-Class Dessert in Sarawak 砂拉越最高级的甜品

It is packed with sweetness and unique robust aroma. 拥有独特的醇厚甜味和浓郁香味。

5 Most Beautiful Diving Side in Sarawak 砂拉越最美潜水地点

Underrated diving spots in Malaysia! Shipwrecks, coral reefs and many more. 很多沉船的隐藏打卡地点,拍照超美。

6 Most Beautiful Seaside Hotel in Sarawak 砂拉越最美海景酒店

​These are not Bali, not Maldives, these are in Sarawak! 这不是巴厘岛,不是马尔代夫,这是砂拉越!

5 Most Beautiful Cloud Sea in Sarawak 砂拉越最美的云海

Looks like a paradise! Such a magnificent phenomena that can be observed from highlands.

Cafes in Kuching
10 Best Coffee in Sarawak 砂拉越最好喝的咖啡

Just chill and looking for good cup of latte from these café when you visit to Sarawak.

6 Reasons to be The Most Romantic Bird in The World 世界上最浪漫的鸟

They are one of such species with a distinct love story. 几乎都是一夫一妻制,一生中不会再找其他的伴侣。

Sarawak Laksa
6 Must Eat Breakfast in Sarawak 砂拉越必吃早餐

UNESCO City of Gastronomy, brings to you the most delicious foods in Malaysia. You will be impressed by these combinations.

6 Must go Beaches in Miri 美里超美沙滩

Hidden “Gold Coast” in Sarawak! It is more than 100km long, definitely a paradise for relaxing. 隐藏版的“黄金海岸”就在砂拉越!

Best Streetfood in Sibu
6 Must Visit Places in Sibu 诗巫必去地点

Another food heaven in Sarawak, famous of Foo Zhou traditional foods. 这座属于砂拉越的“小福州”的城市也被称为“天鹅城”

Kuching, Malysia Tourism
6 Must Visit Places in Kuching 古晋必去地点

​Like to self planning for a long weekend? Here is some itinerary for your reference~

6 Must Visit Places in Miri 美里必去的地方

The nightlife is alive and kicking with plenty places to eat, drink, dance and sing to your heart’s content.

Best Actress Award at the Golden Globes

Michelle Yeoh came to Sarawak and visited a traditional songket craft shop.

​Best Featured Trip Guide in Sarawak

It provides the basic routes, accomodation, restaurant and attractions for the selected trips.

Singapore-Sibu Direct Flight Increase

Singapore – Sibu Direct Flight has been increased to 27th Oct 2023!

“Hidden Gems of Sarawak” Photography

A snapshot of the Hungry Ghost festival celebrated at the foot of Sibu Eng Ann Teng Tua Pek Kong Temple featuring the offerings of the devotees.

Singapore-Sibu Inaugural Flight

Remember to find “paper chicken” and sago worm at Sibu Central Market! Hope you enjoy Sibu traditional foods too!

Singapore Food Expo 2022

Visitors were introduced to the resources of Sarawak, its tourist attractions, its local food and also their culture.

Sarawak Fair 2022

It will highlight foods, adventure & heritage, culture, arts, events & festivals, etc.

Look See Chiak Makan

Have a soft spot for gastronomy delights and are looking for a quick but memorable getaway.

Food and Hotel Asia 2022

Products on display include the aromatic Sarawak pepper, unique and tasty Sarawak Laksa paste, exotic bird’s nest, 3-Layer Milk Tea, and Baking Oil & Fats.

Sarawak Roadshow 2022

We want to meet and hear from you on areas that we can collaborate and perhaps attract potential investors.

Modern Agricultural Projects

What Sarawak needs are investors in our agricultural sector including aquaculture and livestock farming.

UOB Delegation Exploring Investment

The opportunities are huge if we look around us and acknowledge what is happening to the global supply chain.

Specialty & Fine Food Asia 2022

Products on display include the iconic Sarawak Laksa paste, Neocrab’s delicious soft-shell crab, exotic bird’s nest, Sarawak Rainforest Liberica Coffee, 3-Layer Milk Tea, etc.

2023 Christmas Market Festival 欢乐圣诞市集

Christmas Sale in STATOS gallery starts now! 圣诞优惠活动开始啦!新加坡也可以买到很多砂拉越的产品哦~除了有多种折扣,每周五来我们的展厅的话,不需要买任何东西也可以领取免费的Sundrop水喝!截止12月22号哦~ Here are the details: • Specially curated Christmas Hamper • Enjoy a 10% discount with a minimum spend of SGD 50 • Buy 4 cans and get 2 cans of Sundrop drinks for free! And Every Friday, from 12 noon to 2 pm, you can enjoy free […]

Sarawak Agrofest 2023 砂拉越农业展

Discover Sarawak’s Agriculture initiatives and innovations particularly in the areas of Agrotech, Agrotrade, Aquaculture, and Smart Farming.

Orchid Extravaganza: Orchids of the East Tropics

There is Sarawak cultural items displaying at Singapore famous tourist attraction – Garden by the Bay, Flower Dome! This year’s Orchid Extravaganza, presented in partnership with the Embassies of Indonesia and Thailand and High Commissions of Brunei Darussalam and Malaysia, uncovers the allure of orchids in the east tropics that have captivated early botanical explorers […]

Business Landscape and Opportunities in Sarawak

Discover Sarawak’s strategic advantages and explore growth prospects in key industry sectors. Join us for this seminar, brought to you by Sarawak Trade & Tourism Office in Singapore (STATOS) to gain exclusive insights into the business landscape and opportunities in Sarawak. Time Agenda: 1500 Opening Address by STATOS 1505 Business Landscape & Key Sectors in […]

Food & Hotel Asia 2023

Sarawak is taking part in the largest Food Fair in Singapore! There will be more than 1500 exhibitors from all over the world around 50 countries. FHA-Food & Beverage offers an exemplary experience underlined by the most wide-ranging food & drink products and innovations that are top and trending across the globe. More than 70% […]

Asia Pacific Cybersecurity Conference 2023

Achieving security and resiliency together!

Singapore Business Owners Exploring Kuching Business Opportunities 企业家交流晚宴

Bringing 50 Singaporean business owners to Kuching, Sarawak for a unique business and cultural exchange. 各个行业的新加坡优秀企业家共同参与。

Best Sarawak Foods in Singapore 新加坡的砂拉越美食总览

Which one is your best Sarawak food stall/restaurant in Singapore?在新加坡,你最喜欢的砂拉越食物是哪一家呢?

Borneo Cultural Festival 2023 诗巫文化美食节

The largest festival in Sibu! It is a celebration of traditional music, dances, contests, beauty pageant, food stalls, fun fairs, and product exhibitions.

Chinese New Year @ Gourmet Sarawak

Laksa “the breakfast of God” and Kolomee air-flown from Sarawak is served even in CNY period! 新年期间在新加坡也可以享受砂拉越美食哦!

World Congress on Innovation & Technology 2023

It brings together digital communities and international professionals from science, technology, and the humanities.

Miri Time Square
CNY Festival in Miri 农历新年庆典

Celebration with incredible lanterns and delicious food stalls! 美里时代广场的新年夜市好热闹!

STATOS Roadshows 2023 巡回分享会

Collaborate and perhaps attract potential investors in Miri, Bintulu and Kuching.一起寻找出色的产品并进一步了解政府提供的优惠福利。

Kuching Festival 2023 古晋美食节

The largest food festival with incredible varieties of local & traditional fusion foods. Definitely a mind-blown tasting experience.

Rainforest World Music Festival 2023

Music workshops, cultural displays, craft displays, food stalls, and main-stage evening concert. 世界音乐家和神秘的婆罗洲原住民音乐家一起表演!

Christmas & Chinese New Year Products

The new looks of the bags are so nice! 新年的设计款也太好看了!包包上直接有个“福”字~

Sarawak Fair 2022 砂拉越嘉年华

It will highlight Food, Leisure & Entertainment, Culture & Community, Arts, Events & Festivals, etc.

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