Sarawak New Pineapple Export Trial Underway

The Sarawak Trade and Tourism Office Singapore (STATOS), is pleased to announce that the first sample batch of 300 Sarawak pineapples touched down in Singapore earlier this week and samples are already on their way to local traders for them to test in-market.


Chew Chang Guan, CEO of STATOS, reports that the demand for fresh produce in Singapore remains strong and this first trial shipment has been made possible with support from both the Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC) and Harvest Prime Enterprises working on the ground with the local producers in Tanjung Manis.

“Direct flights are vitally important for both tourism and trade development between Singapore and Sarawak. Having the new Air Asia direct flight from Sibu to Singapore has enabled same day delivery direct from suppliers to our Singapore wholesaler”.

STATOS research identified that Sarawak’s MD2 hybrid pineapples were the perfect choice for this trial as they are popular with consumers but in scarce supply there. Sarawak’s MD2 pineapples are prized for their sweet, juicy, and fragrant flesh, which is low in acidity and has an appealing golden colour.

They are also known for their relatively low fibre content, which makes them easier to eat and digest compared to some other pineapple varieties. In addition, MD2 pineapples have a longer shelf life and are less prone to damage during transportation, which makes them popular with both growers and consumers.

“We are expecting more orders from Singapore now that a potential supply chain has been established. This collaboration is an important first step in supporting more Sarawak producers wishing to enter the export market”.

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