6 Reasons to be The Most Romantic Bird in The World 世界上最浪漫的鸟


Do you see this bird in Singapore?

A lot of people saw it at Singapore roadside or at home balcony, but do you know that it is the most romantic bird in the world? Its name is Hornbill - the state bird of Sarawak.

Hornbills are one of such species with a distinct love story. Look at the reasons below and understand why it is so romantic!


有些人在新加坡路边、徒步区、甚至住家附近都有看过它的行踪,但你知道它是世界上最浪漫的鸟吗?它就是砂拉越的州鸟 - 犀鸟。

1. Only one partner in their whole life.

Hornbills are generally known to be monogamous. They choose a mate that they will stick to their entire living. Look at them, and you will think of an old man holding hands with his lifetime partner walking in a sunset garden.

2. They trust each others.

The courtship and bonding of these birds are critical, as the female must trust the male to provide her with everything when she is incubating and raising chicks. These hornbills make their nests inside tree trunks, and the female stays inside with the eggs. After the eggs are laid, the male collects mud to wall up the entrance to the tree cavity. They leave a very small hole, just large enough for the male to feed the female, and later the chicks, and for the female to defecate through the hole.

3. Daddy Hornbill works super hard to provide for his family.

One of the best way to get someone’s heart is through their stomach. The male hornbill brings food to the female as a way to prove that he is capable of providing for the family. The diet of the hornbill is dominated by fruit, but it will take any insect, small reptile, rodent, and smaller birds that it can catch.

4. You die, we die.

Once Mummy hornbill has completed their nest and the nesting period commences, her partner goes out in search for sustenance throughout the period of four months. It’s really intense because the male is the sole-provider and the only means of survival for his partner and babies. He will really take care of the well-being his family, flying day in and day out a couple of times in a day just to make sure they have enough. Should anything bad happen to the Daddy Hornbill, mother and babies will not survive.

5. Family means everything to the hornbills.

Mummy and Daddy Hornbill will always keep their little ones close. They fly together, sleep together, eat together, and perch on branches together.

6. Female hornbill also plays an important part.

She needs to check the cavities based on food availability and safety. Hornbill faces a number of threats, including loss of its rainforest habitat, as well as hunting for its meat, and its skull and feathers. Habitat destruction has led to the loss of the large trees the species requires for breeding, which in turn makes it easier for poachers to find the hornbill.

Some Dayak people, especially the Ibanic groups, believe it to be the chief of worldly birds or the supreme worldly bird, and its statue is used to welcome the god of the augural birds, Sengalang Burong, to the feasts and celebrations of humankind.

一些达雅克人,特别是伊巴尼亚族人,认为犀鸟是鸟类的首领或至高无上的鸟类,它的雕像被用来欢迎预兆鸟之神Sengalang Burong参加人类的盛宴和庆祝活动。