6 Must go Beaches in Miri 美里超美沙滩


Hidden "Gold Coast" in Sarawak! It is more than 100km long, definitely a paradise for relaxing. 6 gorgeous beaches to prove that Sarawak is Truly a Rare Gem of Southeast Asia:


1. Bungai Beach

About 1 hour drive from Miri and situated near Kampung Bungai in Bekenu. Bungai Beach is popular with beachgoers who appreciate its pristine beach, clear waters, and the beauty of the untouched surroundings. Its relatively secluded and a great spot to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Rent a car in Miri, and enjoy your way through~

2. Tusan Beach

If you are lucky enough, you can see Blue Tears here! About an hour’s drive from Miri, is a getaway spot for city dwellers who wish to commune with nature.

It is a series of relatively narrow white sand beaches broken by rock outcorps and backend by a mixture of sandstone and limestone cliffs for its entire 11km length. The views are spectacular, especially at sunset. It does not have direct beach access, need to walk from Bakam Beach or Bungai Beach.

Bekenu town with its seafood market is just 15 minutes’ drive away.

3. Hawaii Beach

Yes, it's name is Hawaii, but it is in Sarawak. Located in Kampung Bakam in Miri, about 18 kilometers from the center of Miri, and only about 25 minutes by car. The beautiful beach scenery makes Miri’s Hawaiian Beach a popular place for picnics and barbecues in Miri. You will be surrounded by lots of coconut trees there!

The entrance to Hawaii Beach is in Bagan Village, next to the bus station, and you will walk through an arched pedestrian wooden bridge to reach the beach.

4. Coco Cabana

One of Miri’s most visited tourist spots within the city center, with its breezy seaside view and places to relax in the sun. It’s also one of the best spot to enjoy one of Miri’s fiery sunsets, and is where the iconic seahorse lighthouse is located. There is also a cruise jetty nearby for smaller boats and yachts to make port.

Every year, Coco Cabana will be the location for the Borneo Jazz Festival。

5. Luak Esplanade

11km south of town, has an attractive white sand beach, making it a popular spot for picnics and barbecues. One of the best spot in Miri to enjoy the spectacular tropical sunsets. Further down the coast towards Bekenu are a number of attractive casuarina-fringed beaches.

6. Brighton Beach

Also known as Tanjung Lobang. The city’s oldest recreational park, it is still popular with joggers, anglers, Tai Chi enthusiasts and children. Two small, beautiful piers here extend out to the ocean and offer excellent views of the coastline and nearby Miri Marina’s unique seahorse lighthouse (the seahorse is the city emblem of Miri).

A food centre, Taman Selera, is located here, offering meals over fresh seafood accompanied by marvelous sunset and sea breeze.

100km long paradise for you to explore in Miri, Sarawak!

There is direct flight from Singapore to Miri, you can find it at Scoot and AirAsia.

After you reach Miri, just rent a car and enjoy your trip~