6 Must Eat Breakfast in Sarawak 砂拉越必吃早餐
Sarawak Laksa

Where to have amazing breakfast in Sarawak?


Kuching is known as Creative City of Gastronomy, awarded by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Kuching has a variety of breakfasts available on streets. The diversity of breakfast can be found in Miri, Sibu and others too.


1. Sarawak laksa 砂拉越叻沙

- Lau Ya Keng 阳春台, Kuching
(Open at 7am, Location 148, Section 80, Jln Rumbia, 93100 Kuching)
- Choon Hui 春园, Kuching

2. Kolomee 哥罗面 / Kampua 干盘面 / Kolo Lao Shu Fen (Ngiao Chu Kueh) noodle

Kolo basically means the general type of dry style noodle, but substitute with Lao Shu Fen. It is a type of noodle that is thicker, shorter and smooth texture.

- Huang Jia Cafe, Sibu
- Ak Kia Kopitiam 鸭子茶餐室, Sibu
- Kedai Kopi Cinta Sayang 可爱茶室, Sibu
- Lau Ya Keng 阳春台, Kuching
- Open Air Market, Kuching
- Fook Seng Cafe 福昇茶室, Kuching
- Tai Pan Corner 大宝坊, Kuching
- Sin Poh Poh 新宝宝茶室, Kuching
- Choon Hui 春园, Kuching
- Sin Chong Choon 新泉春茶室, Kuching
- 三里皇上皇, Kuching
- Chang Xin Kopitiam 长新茶室, Kuching
- Hong Hing Cafe 丰兴茶室, Kuching

3. Fried Kwey Tiao with EGG 鸡蛋炒果条

In Sarawak, most of the kopitiam or restaurants can put it with egg, so just ask for it! It is a must to eat them together. You will be impressed by this combination~

- Kwong Hup Cafe 广合茶餐室, Kuching
- Second floor at Sibu Central Market

- 马宝园榕树下, Miri

4. Bian nv (dumpling) soup / dry 扁肉

- Huang Jia Cafe

- Fu Lok Noodles House

5. Kompia 光饼

Kompia with seasoned meat, or kompia with dark sauce.

- Second floor at Sibu Central Market
- The Premium Noodle House

6. Butter coffee 鸦片咖啡

Together with traditional bread, or other coffee and teh tarik selections.

- Kai Joo Lane, Kuching
- Joo Seng Cafe, Kuching

However, no matter where you are, just go down your hotel, walk on the streets, as these excellent food are almost everywhere on the streets.