5 Most Beautiful Diving Side in Sarawak 砂拉越最美潜水地点

Underrated diving spots in Malaysia! Shipwrecks, coral reefs and many more. Dive down the sea in Sarawak, enjoy these unique underwater experience.


There are actually more than 40 beautiful diving sites in Sarawak:


1. Katori Maru Wreck

- World War II Wrech Dive. 二战时期的沉船

- Depth 22m bottom.

- How to get there? From Santubong Kuching, taking speed boat around 50-75 minutes.可从三都望乘坐快艇约75分钟

2. Hiyoshi Maru Wreck

- Japanese World War II Wreck. 二战时期日本的沉船

- 130m length, 30m wide wreck.

- How to get there? From Santubong Kuching, with speed boat around 60-75 minutes. 可从三都望乘坐快艇约75分钟

3. Submarine Wreck (Dutch HNLMS K XVI)

- It is the first allied submarine to sink a Japanese warship in 1941. It was destroyed later by Japanese. 第一艘打沉了日本战船的荷兰潜水艇,于1941年被摧毁后沉入海底

- Contact Kuching dive operators to reach there. 可以联系古晋的潜水公司前往

4. Satang Islands 沙丹岛

-Coral reef fringes two third of the island's edge. It is a playground for macro lovers. 岛屿附近有三分之二都是珊瑚礁

- How to get there?

a) Go from Telaga Air Jetty, 45 minutes boat ride using local charter boat.

b) From Santubong, charter a commercial boat to the island which only takes about 45 minutes.

5. Kenyalang Wreck 美里的沉船地点

- Sibuti Reef area

- Shipwreck dive spot in Miri.

- Contact Miri Divers for details. 可以联系 Miri Divers关于潜水咨询